Cafe Provence

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Tuesday – Saturday
11:30am – 9pm
Sunday 10am – 9pm
Closed Monday

Gourmet Provence
Tuesday – Saturday
7am – 5pm
Sunday 8am – 4pm
Closed Monday

Center Street Bar
Closed until further notice

11 Center Street
Brandon VT
(802) 247-9997
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  1. Mary J says:

    I finally found the best salmon in Vermont! Big treat to travel an hour to get the salmon served over lobster polenta. Thank you Chef.

  2. debra garrow says:

    loved the food and the atmosphere…. i cant even imagine eating somewhere else

  3. Cathy says:

    Amazing French bistro in a small town of Brandon Vermont. Family friendly but also upscale enough to expose children to a little class. Wide choice of dishes in the Provence style, fresh bread and desserts. Made my week. Children’s menu reasonable with healthy delicious selections and ice cream.

  4. Lillian rohe says:

    Fabulous Mothers Day brunch, Lots of selection and all wonderfully appetizing. And don’t get me started on the scrumptious desserts!!!

  5. Lynn & Madeleine Bochner says:

    Dear Chef Robert
    Brandon is for brides they say. In my experience it is also for brides and grooms on their 50th anniversary! Having happily made it for the duration, how heart warming it was to find family and friends at a surprise party at your place. Everything was perfect from the moment we walked in. We were welcomed with champagne served by your smiling staff Amy and Kirsten. The food was delicious, the staff always attentive, and what a treat it was to see you taking the time to join us! The beautiful cake Tammy baked was so chocolaty, everybody raved about it!
    Our heartfelt thanks to all who helped to make this occasion special, especially for your presence and all the orchestration and dedication behind the scene.
    Thank you. Lynn and Madeleine.

  6. Joanne Mason says:

    On my frequent visits to Burlington from Tampa Bay we always take a drive to Brandon just for the Café Provence Quiche. Thank you for this wonderful eating experience.

  7. Jean H says:

    My husband and I have the pleasure of dinning here several times during the year. In the winter we ride snowmobiles and stay in Brandon. In the summer we have a house on a lake near Lake Bomoseen. Other times, we live in New Jersey. Never once dining here has been disappointing. Love trying the different specials! The wine choices are also fantastic!

  8. Mary Gill-Warren says:

    Love the bar…its clean and comfortable. Have brought many of our friends there for wings and a beer…LOVE the atmosphere…a great place to catch up with friends.

  9. Joshua Dalmer says:

    Cafe Provence is my favorite place to eat in Vermont. We regularly travel from St Albans to eat at Cafe Provence. I enjoy the food experience in a relaxed environment. The talent in combining flavors is immediately evident in every dish.

  10. Jim Buswell says:

    My wife and I took part in a Cafe Provence culinary retreat that was part of a trip to celebrate my wife’s birthday. She loves to cook and has participated in several cooking schools. This time she included me in the cooking. Like a fish out of water, I joined her. Chef Robert treated us to some cooking techniques in a very enjoyable fashion. We enjoyed some old favorite dishes and learned a few delicious new ones. Now, I can participate in producing a meal and do things other than washing dishes. Learning where some of the foods we used in the dishes we prepared (a goat farm, yak farm and beef farm)came from —by visiting them —was a part of the weekend that I particularly enjoyed.

  11. Michael Hubbard says:

    My wife and I just returned from the culinary weekend retreat with Chef Robert. There is not enough room to explain the FANTASTIC and UNFORGETABLE WEEKEND EXPERIENCE. This was for my wife’s birthday and we can say that we are very happy to have chosen this to celebrate the occasion. During the weekend we visited 3 farms which was very instructive. Of course we learned various cooking technique all the while prepping our evening meals. Chef Robert is an exceptional Chef and Teacher and was always there to answer our questions, we must not forget to thank Nadene who seem to help to put all this together.

  12. nell says:

    Someone was nice enough to buy us a gift card!
    Well, what a nice place, with art all around, including downtown, where year’s ago there was nadda……….depressing!
    Now the shop’s…and eateries are just worth a 50 mile trip on a Sunday.Blue moon…Awesome affordable handmade unique gift’s and craftmanship… well, in all the shop’s! They were affordable eclectic and very impressive.
    BUT….the food here…WOW! The pulled pork Pizza was to die for, it is like 13-14 dollars$…………….New to my pallett….UNREAL! Delicioooosommmmmmmmmmmmm….
    I just wished they delivered! I’ve waitressed for 15 yr’s and honestly, the dessert’s MAMAMIA….are as sweet as the help…I’d go there again… n AGAIN….Liza Meyer’s and Warren Kimble, one of my past professor’s and favorite artist’s and so many other new-b’s… Have brightened up this town that was so impoverished year’s ago…take note, small little town’s living in poverty………Art… craft’s and Great food are an attribute to any town. Thanks…… all. Not an ad…Nor a plug…from the heart…Another great trip without going broke! Happy holiday’s VermontStrong! Peace!

    • lineb says:

      Hello Nell,

      Thank you so much for your comments. We are truly happy that you enjoyed Cafe Provence and the town of Brandon, and hope that you will visit us again.
      Best regards,

  13. bc says:

    the freshest ingredients, beautifully prepared, in an elegant yet relaxed setting. cafe provence is a gem!

  14. Karen R. says:

    The sushi cooking class was absolutely wonderful.
    The top quality materials, professional (and fun)instruction, gorgeous site, and curriculum were beneficial to the quality of the experience.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be looking at future opportunity to participate in other offered classes!

  15. Jackie says:

    Er had an absolute blast downstairs, our friend’s band was playing many local people from town.. Everyone had a fantabulous time!!! We are also looking forward to New Years Eve party this weekend!

  16. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to your cafe in early October. Food and ambiance was fantastic. You would succeed with this combination anywhere in the world. Merci beaucoups.

  17. condo says:

    great location; great food; creative french options. and service prompt; and shopping in town.

  18. cadot daniel says:

    Bonjour Line, salut Robert,
    Je parlais avec Jacques hier qui m’a donné le nom de votre resto. J’espère que tout va bien après tant d’années.
    Merci de me donner votre émail perso, ns vs écrirons plus longuement.
    Michèle te Daniel de Paris……..

  19. I have been coming down from Montreal to Vermont for many years and Cafe Provence is always the highlight of my trips to Brandon. Montreal has so many restaurants to choose from but I still find my visits here a great treat and my family and I will keep returning. The food is outstanding, the service is excellent and the handiness and ambiance makes it all worth the three hour trip
    I see that the cafe is expanding down stairs and I know that will be a success and a great attraction to the town
    Best wishes to Robert and all at the Cafe Provence
    Michael Sinclair-Smith St Polycarpe Quebec



  21. Lynn Bochner says:

    Haute Cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere…This is the place, these are the people, this is THE Chef. YUMMY! We keep returning 🙂 Tres, tres bon.

  22. Michael Hubbard says:

    It was our first visit to Brandon and fortunately we discovered Cafe Provence. My wife had the best lobster she ever ate and I had a phenomenal Beef Wellington. We stayed 2 nights in town and ate 2 diners and they were great. I will return to Brandon and the main reason is because of the cafe. Congratulation and do not stop the fantastic work you are doing Chef Robert and you re great staff.

  23. Joan K. says:

    Our Children have good taste. They sent us here!

  24. April J. says:

    All the food was phenomenal! Our server was wonderful! Great experience!

  25. Sandy G. says:

    Wonderful dinner. Thank you for making my husband’s 61st birthday even better!

  26. Anthony B. says:

    Your children dishes are wonderful!

  27. Robin K. says:

    Always love it, so glad you are in town.

  28. Eric says:

    Your haddock dish is one of the best meals we have had ever, even in France! Thank you so much!

  29. Lisa P. says:

    We love Chef Robert and the entire staff! Excellent meal, as always.

  30. Shay C. says:

    Always magnificent food fare. The eggs Benedict with crab cake were perfection.

  31. Mr & Mrs P. says:

    A fabulous meal, attentive staff, and a lovely anniversary dessert! Can’t wait to come back again.

  32. Craig B. says:

    The leek soup and baked haddock were exceptional!

  33. Edith B. says:

    Fabulous, delicious dinner, wonderful service, a treasure in Brandon!

  34. Daryl S. says:

    We bike to your bakery often. Your Café is equally outstanding.

  35. Karen G. says:

    We really enjoyed our salad with goat cheese and pizza with grilled vegetables & goat cheese. Good service and nice atmosphere.

  36. Innam D. says:

    Food was delicious! Very charming décor, service very friendly. I’ll be back!

  37. Peter R. says:

    We have been coming for years, bringing out of town friends, and have never been disappointed. Food and service equal quality.

  38. Marc L. says:

    Fantastic meal! Loved, loved, loved it! Thank you. Crepes were wonderful!